The grape clusters were pocket carved into Corian strips using the CNC machine.


The carvings were rough sanded to remove tooling marks and smooth the pocket edges.


The cavings were we sanded to prepare for the copper coating.


The Corian strips were beveled and then installed into the crown molding assemblies. The crown was so complex and so heavy that it was decided to build them as assemblies wich could then be set on top of the cabinets and screwed down. This was much easier than producing sticks of molding and then trying to fit and fasten the corner joins in place on top of the cabinets.


The corners were glued and screwed together. Bondo was used to fill and gaps in the corners so that the finished coated pieces would be seamless.


The copper coating was sprayed on the Corian after it was mounted into the assemblies. The four layers of cherry wood trim were then installed onto the assemblies.